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Rubik’s Cube Piece Identification

Rubik’s Cube piece identification is how to identify different pieces on the rubik’s cube, specifically the bigger ones (4×4 and above).

3×3 Piece Identification

We can tackle the 3×3 easily.

The F piece is the front middle; the FR piece is the front right edge, and the FUR piece is the corner that touches all those sides.

rubiks cube piece identification
I’m very good at drawing letters.

Big Cube Piece Identification

On big cubes, following 3×3 piece notation becomes worthless… I mean, does “rotate the f U l piece to where the b U r piece would be” make sense? (I just told you to do U2 lol)

This is why we like matrix notation(except for weird positive directions): for any face, (1,1) is the top left piece, and for a 4×4 (4,4) would be the bottom piece. So U(2,3) identifies the same middle piece as in the last example.

big cube piece identification

In Rubik’s Cube piece identification, we can combine 3×3 and big cube notation if needed.. The F U edge on a 5×5 would mean the 3 pieces that touch both the F and U faces.

That’s really it, consider solving the 4×4! And a big thanks to Ibero Rubik’s website, which taught me much of the more advanced notation I know today.

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