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CFOP Strategies: Slowing Down

when you go “fast”, you are using your subconscious to solve the cube. You heard me right, if you could see the cube you could solve it in your sleep… when you go “slow” you use your conscious and your subconscious together to solve the cube. You can know if you are putting conscious thought into solving your cube because you will feel straining in your head.

Conscious thought takes work, but if we use it, we’ll come out ahead. Going slow feels aggravating in the moment, but with the conscious engaged 7/10 solves are actually faster than they would’ve been. The added benefit of using your conscious is that for everything you use it for, your subconscious takes as important to you, and soon can learn how to do it. The cubing record holders have trained their subconscious muscle memory to be as good at solving the cube as their conscious thought.

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