Currently in version 3

History for Geeks


Made 1×1 solve page, finished CFOP Strategies page, and worked on CFOP Strategies: Slowing Down page.


Made CFOP Strategies page.


Finished 2×2 tutorial, made 1×1 notation page.


Worked on 2×2 tutorial.


I’ve been editing Rubik’s notation pages for the past few days.


Modeled a Rubik’s Cube in CAD for picture generation stuff and updated the home page.


Reversed the order of History for Geeks so that the most recent dates were on top, and created the store page with a link to Amazon using Amazon Affiliates. Exciting!


Researched Amazon Affiliates – to use till I can set up an actual store.


I rough drafted all of the vector images for the algorithms and finished the F’ image; in a few days I should be done with everything and ready to upload it.


I made a new image for demonstrating algorithms! It’s the F algorithm image, and is both less bytes and clearer than the image I have now. I’m making the other ones as I speak! (I’m excited about this if you cant tell hehe)


Centered page content and took out the right sidebar that was being annoying.


Did research on website design and clarity, and I’m downloading Inkscape to make pictures to go along with my algorithms.


Today marks the start of history for geeks! Currently, rubicubes is in v.3, which means it has just enough pages to be functional and I’m busy spicing them up a bit. I’ll be adding a few more, to get it into v.4! The version 3 mission statement is on the about page. Today I created the 2×2 solve page and did a little bit of work on it.

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